practical lessons 2020

Practical lessons from 2020


Aum Namo Bhagavate


Namastasyei Namastasyei Namastasyei

Namo Namah



There are a few demonstrative lessons we have all been given already by the year 2020.

The first one concerns our bodies – our body = the body and our relationship to its existence.

This lesson reaches deep and far.

The second one concerns power, our relationship to power – and to submission.

This lesson as it is now taught to us all links the most ancient past of our beginnings to the future we need to choose.

The third one concerns the collective destiny of humanity and our relationship to it as individuals.

This lesson, although it is of course taught to each of us and to all of us all the time, is now charged with an unprecedented sense of urgency, if not of finality.

Now, whether we can identify the teacher – the universe, the human spirit, the earth-soul, the Divine guide, the angels, our extra-terrestrial kin, the one God or God’s special envoys for the earth, our ancestors, the saints attending to our fate – or would rather leave it undefined, these lessons hold true for everyone who cares to progress.



Wedded to our bodies (till death do us part)

Each of us entertains with one’s body a unique and changing relationship.

It is not often, however, that the changes which take place in this relationship can be assessed as progressive; the entire world appears to be in league against such a possibility and those few who manage to age well enough, with dignity and grace, alertness and generosity elicit our unreserved admiration. It would seem irrational and chimerical to hope for a better outcome. And yet, death is our whip and our reminder that we must move on, that it is for consciousness in us to increase and radiate and incarnate so densely that it, death, will cease to reign absolute - and will no longer impose an as yet indispensable halt of material dissolution. Our individual understanding and perception of our own body varies according to the education received, to the milieu we live in, to the quality of our daily life, to the expectations surrounding us and, of course, to its organic condition and physiognomy – whether inherited at birth, developed with effort and discipline or accidentally caused or, in fact, a combination of the three. The human body is at once helplessly impressionable and extraordinarily enduring. It is continuously and constantly impressed upon by internal and external stimuli, every single second of its life, and unreservedly willing to endure everything till its last breath.

It is resourceful far beyond our understanding.

It can withstand terrible hardships, yet it can collapse at any moment.


It can support extreme effort, yet it seems to be vulnerable to pressures we do not comprehend.

It is our first ally and companion, yet it can betray our ambitions and expectations.

It responds to our faith, yet it appears to be impelled to let us down.


Every one of what we now term as “traditional medicines” would approach the body as a microcosm and, through observation and inner verified awareness, attempt to help preserve, maintain or repair its innate capacity for equilibrium of all the forces at play. Likewise it would approach all of Nature – animal, vegetal and mineral – as a treasure trove of all the qualities, properties and powers that participate in this equilibrium at every level of organization. Thus, if and when the body needed help, the health servants would, according to the type of its constitution and the factors involved in the loss of its capacity for equilibrium, prescribe a particular discipline and the ingestion of specific substances that would contribute to its recovery without any residual dependency. Their science would be founded upon and arise from the central perception of the unity and interconnectedness of all creation.


Modern medicine is essentially interventionist.


It studies every phenomenon, every component and every relationship with the aim of acquiring control – what is considered as knowledge – of all of Nature.

Nonetheless, for a while the generalist, the country or bush doctor would guard and respect the integrity of each body and the trusting reliance on its inborn capacity for recovery and harmony, and would only contribute the appropriate punctual help. But medical science (allopathic medicine mainly), evolving through numberless experiments, specific breakthroughs and partial discoveries, fragmented into numerous separate disciplines and techniques giving way to the specializations that have become the bane of current health-care. Traditional medicine addresses each body as a whole being that, for any set of reasons or causes, may require temporary help and assistance in order to reestablish harmony; it seeks to provide it with clues and elements of a path to recovery and resolution. Allopathic medicine regards the injured or sickened body as ignorant and proceeds to define both the disorder and the cure, asking it to blindly collaborate to the process it sets in motion for its own good. However, most if not all treatments and substances that are administered by allopathic therapies have multiple secondary effects which rebound and contribute to a sort of slavery to further treatments, instead of rehabilitation of the body’s own power of harmony and integration.


Over the last decades, organizations have formed on the world stage that have vested themselves with knowledge and authority in various fields of


concern, including the domain of public health, with ramifications and branches in most countries.

Said to comprise of highly competent and informed scientists, the World Health Organization is backed and funded by interested parties: its word is meant to act like a fiat and any of its pronouncements is ignored at one’s peril. Thus when early in this year 2020 it sounded a high-pitched warning – “ a new pandemic is coming!!! ” -, its alarm was dutifully and obligingly relayed by most governments and this well-prepared act worked its magic on billions of body-minds.



Everyone, all of us living upon earth, were told and impressed upon that our bodies were bound to be violated, invaded and contaminated from one to the others to the multitude of us all unless … unless we all followed strictly the instructions and restraints that would be thereafter imposed upon us all for our own good and this until … until the laboratories would work out the winning formula for a sure proof vaccine.



The human body is equipped with its own “mind”, which tends to be repetitive and acts as both a protecting shield and a transmitter of relevant information for its well-being; it is therefore a sort of interface between our active mind and its incessant cellular workings. Trust or fear have each a tremendous effect, echoing through and through, either with ripples and waves of confidence and well-being and reliance on the higher force of harmony, or with anxiety, doubts, dreads and worries.


This in turn acts upon one’s surroundings.


We were all effectively informed and persuaded that our bodies were no longer up to the task: the scale of this new threat went beyond their possibilities of defense and response. But even more alarmingly, we were also told that we could each become a risk to the others, and we would have to, we simply must, regard one another with caution and establish safe distancing between us all. So in one stroke, not only this physical world was becoming too dangerous, but our human world was also turning into a threat. Now, short of unquestioning obeisance and compliance, where was one to find the wherewithal and resource to remain centered and anchored into the trust that is natural to the body when left to its own? An ominous obstacle loomed: even if one could somehow retain one’s corporeal ability to trust and smile and be clear-sighted, one would be faced with having to openly disobey, or refuse to comply with measures and practices almost everyone else seemed to willingly accept…

Fear and the craving for reassurance are actually more contagious than any physical “disease”.


And so, a day at a time, the question began to rise in more and more individuals, an inevitable question and, all considered, a “healthy” question.


Could this vertical hierarchical assault of paralyzing inhibiting alarmist relentless directives possibly be issued by an assembly of sages?

Obviously not.


Thus came the other wake-up call: the inner one!

Time to align.

Time to center into the one inviolable space and freedom that exists: the space and freedom of consciousness.

This is the time when the whole being must rally and unite and choose.

Not “against” anything or any force, b ut FOR.

Regardless of public or personal opinion or apprehension, each one must align and center. No one else can do it but oneself.

And it is the same self awakening in each of us.

So even though one must alone make the first step, one is not alone walking..

One is all.


Over the same last few decades, the world has known a tremendous surge of what is termed “consumerism”.


In effect we all, all of us, have been treated as preys and subjected to an increasingly intensive enticement through a growing variety of alluring, competitive, innovative, ever more sophisticated articles presented as the wanted signs and Ingredients of the ideal way of life – ideal yet reachable by one and all. We were thus persuaded to actually absorb in our bodies all manners of chemical compounds that caused all sorts of disorders – for the repair of which all kinds of molecular compounds were then in turn concocted and administered as the correct remedies. The list of identified diseases augmented and research on their possible cures thrived. We, we the bodies, were, all these years, just as the body of the earth was, ruthlessly abused and vitiated and polluted and dispossessed. This has been a triumphing rise of the negation of all inner life and conscious evolution: we were taught and encouraged to believe that the quality of our physical existence depended entirely on external means, that the resilience of our material body rested on proper medical monitoring and judicious consumption of a great range of chemical remedies, the effects of which would often prove to be addictive.

2020 has shown us how weakened we have become.

It has taught us that we must be cleansed of all fear if we are to find the true way forward, the way of conscious freedom.

The alternative is grim: slavery awaits in the next room.



We are all of course complicit.

In different ways, at different moments, through different parts of us, we have allowed this to happen to us all, we have somehow made it possible, contributed to it or even actively supported it for various short-sighted reasons. But we are most responsible for the gradual abandon of our integrity and our duty to discern and choose.


Science is the methodical pursuit of knowledge.

It by and of itself is amoral, and seeks to be impartial, impersonal, ever progressive and free of inhibiting influences.

It is an avenue of human consciousness and as such it must be let free to explore and delve and discover ever more, farther and deeper into reality.

Where we are meant to exercise unwavering vigilance and relate to unambiguous criteria of choice is in the area of application – the area that lies between knowledge and life in this physical world. Our criteria obviously must be, ought to be, should always have been, the welfare of all upon earth: the welfare and progressive harmony of the whole of earthly life.

Food-poisoning, pollution of air, water and soil, vitiation of the oceans, betrayal of the body, are results and consequences of the wrong choices: wrong, not in terms of morality, but in terms of evolution – of harmonious evolution, of self-perfecting increase of consciousness and unity.


These choices and orientations have betrayed us all, have betrayed the earth.


Where does corruption begin?

Nowadays we watch and are part of innumerable scenes as masked actors: “masked” being inaccurate a description, it is more of a disfigurement, a bandage, a gag, that we are made, compelled or persuaded to undergo, wear and bear and maintain.

Medical authorities have split into jagged slivers of discordant voices.

When common sense tries to raise again its burly head, it is shot with invectives and called a criminal.

Corruption begins to affect us as individuals when one accepts to yield to a pressure to act against what one feels or knows to be right. This pressure can come either from another person, from a group, from a system, an organization, a government, and it can come from one’s own desire, craving, ambition, thwarted moral sense, or religious dictate.

Each time there is com pliance, one looses a little more of one’s integrity.

So, nowadays, there are indeed multitudes of signs of corruption, as if we were all regimented in the discipline of false renouncement: renouncing our individual integrity, our corporeal integrity, betraying our human responsibility.


But most painful and distressing is the corruption our bodies are compelled to accept; for the measures enjoined upon them are alienating and contrary to the body’s own sense of the necessary adjustments. We say, with our corrupted reason, that the body must fight and be helped to defend itself against an inimical intrusion and we infect it with our own notions of good and evil, of safety and danger, while its own wisdom is to integrate and evolve and harmonize. The body, the cellular body, knows its milieu and environment as a constant circulation and incalculable interaction midst countless live associations amongst and within which it must learn to constantly adapt and absorb and transform and order so as to remain cohesive and viable as a singular organism.

Researchers are now able to observe this level of reality; yet the innate knowledge and wisdom of our bodies remains ignored or too puzzling to admit.


It is now for whoever among us all who is or becomes aware of these truths, to stand and to align.

And it is for whoever among us who is conscious of the true Presence, of the true Force, of the true Love, of the oneness of all, and experiences an aspiration and an urge to serve the advent of a truer terrestrial material world, to ensure, through silent transparency and living care, that the body is sharing in that experience: for when it does, it sets to seek the ways, at its own levels of awareness and cellular, molecular communication, for this new world to become incarnate and the new beings to begin to manifest.


The body, our body, is the ground of evolution; just as it has allowed and sustained all the previous transitions through the eons of this earth, it will reveal the new associations and relationships that will serve the new consciousness.

2020 has shown us that it is time to shift: the whole terrestrial milieu is stirring anew, beyond the “dangers” we are being persuaded to fear .

It is time indeed to go beyond fear, to reach for the safety of consciousness itself!



The role of power How do we submit?

Our submission was already largely achieved prior to 2020.

Through mass media and the cunning misuse of current technologies, most of us had already succumbed to the dictatorship of fashion, style and trends; it invaded our daily lives decades ago and peer pressure became the staunchest ally of this stupefying enterprise. This unrelenting, permanent pressure to conform took over every domain of human activity and intellectuals were not immune to it. Little by little this intent made each of us to relinquish one’s own criteria for self-expression and commitment. Even surges of self-affirmation and liberation were soon administered the same treatment and valuation as commodities. Even though the loss of genuine individual stance is often painfully felt, most of us cannot but be somewhat grateful for this miraculous bonanza of new technologies together with the masterful market mind-set, since they afforded us virtual access to numberless satisfactions and lessened the dull necessities of life. It is only, however, when our approach to the true benefits of these new possibilities is deliberate and discerning and well anchored that their usage becomes helpful in to our comprehension of reality: for indeed, access to all knowledge, sharing of all information and instant communication can free us from many of our conditionings, aid us in barrier-breaking and prepare us for a more universal and embracing humanness. ***


This was actually the true purpose of these perfected tools and it remains so, when we are able to disengage from the shadowy misuse and exploitation made of them by... other selves!!!


Indeed, as 2020 has amply clarified, some of us humans have formed the belief that they can eventually achieve control over this sprawling chaos and have been planning accordingly. Thus there are still those, within our human species, who cultivate the separate will to exercise power so as to realize their vision of a separate world. Their weakness is that they can only work together as long as they act for the same purpose.

They know of unity only as an expedient concept.

They borrow hollowed notions from the truth to be realised, they utter sacred words with the intent of appropriating their effects: they refer to the unity of the world, but what they have in mind in a subdued, servile, contented mass functioning in concert.


But what is the role of power in our existence?

Is any one of us exempt from its deformations?



Power is essential.

Without power there is no manifestation.

Power is not to be had.

It is not to be wielded.

It is not to be used or misused.

When a being is unified, it is empowered.


This is the malediction of the human race that power separated from its source: this separation is the cause of our tragedies.

A unified being spontaneously manifests and radiates true harmony: this is power, which cannot be imitated or replaced.

This is the law of unity, which we all have to learn – and the lessons are growing more imperative every moment.


Yet most of us crave for power in one form or another, power situates and defines us in the process of our individualisation, it gives meaning and intensity to our existence, it is invited in our intimacy, saluted or resented in our society: it is wanted.


We want to be subjugated, desired or attracted, placed under a spell, inveighed, occupied, even obsessed with the person or the object of our attention; we need to feel and sense the effect we have on others, the sway or at least the influence we exert; we believe we may thrive on adulation. We are generally and mostly very confused about the nature of power and its origin, depending on the level of our being on which we either claim it or submit to it.


The separation of power from its source has engendered our perversion, in the sense that the life-force in us has been veiled and disfigured by its self- centred drive.

Left to itself and allowed to flow without interference or control, the force of life is always balanced and always seeks harmony, progress, wholesome growth, beauty, diversity, wealth of possibilities and ever more integral perfection in its organization and cohesion. Left to itself the force of life is irresistible, ever candid, ever trusting, ever more inclusive and creative.

Yet in our humanity it has been perverted and corrupted by the false reign of power over our existences.


2020 has allowed us all to reconsider the nature of our relationships.


It has given us – perhaps unwittingly but forcefully – the time to reflect and reset our priorities: to see how much we betray ourselves and our “other” selves, how much we waste, how much we take for granted, how foolishly we disregard the multitudes of opportunities for progress, how weakly we bow to the pressures of selfish wills and expectations, how carelessly we squander our lives.

It has activated an urge in us to recover our own inner power of being.

By demonstrating how thoroughly and concretely the power we all confer on to our social and governing structures and representatives can turn against us and reduce us all to dummies, 2020 has stated loud and clear that the time has come for us all to stand and actually practice what we know to be the rightness of humanity and its innate aptitude to evolve.



The destiny of humanity

We, as the human species upon earth, are caught between the pressure to conform, the force of our wants and some sense of an ideal existence. Most of us now live in cities, cocooned and insulated from the actual effects of our ways. We have become habituated to complain, to blame “them” who are supposedly governing, to deplore the state of things or to take for granted what comes our way. Our most basic and common attitude is to entreat whoever it may concern to “ please tell us convincingly and repeatedly that you have the solutions to keep us provided with the comfort and amenities we have come to prize, and we will trust you to deliver, we will mortgage and borrow to make it work, “just do it: j ust do it; we shall not look too closely into the consequences, as long as it works. ”

It is precisely in the cities, however, that our bodies have been gradually weakened, forced to cope with increasing vitiation, through the food, the water and the air and the subtler pollution.

Cities are in every way the most vulnerable configurations to all sorts of attacks and degradation, while they are also the most dominant factors of over exploitation and depletion of the earth’ resources.

The term “city” no longer applies to many of these sprawling toxic megalopolises that deface the land – magnetic monsters that grow and grow and reduce humans to shadows of themselves’ Long ago (relatively speaking) a city was a site of learning, cultural exchange and thriving trade: there was give and take, in and outflow of


energies, there was pride in its glow and human richness and the country as a whole would benefit from its radiance and its developing searches in every domain of human existence. A balanced, progressive society needs hubs, concentrations of diverse views and behaviours and challenging knowledge and adventurous seekings, so that the whole may be nourished with forward surges in perception and evolution.

But our urban agglomerates have become malevolent breeding grounds.


2020 has presented us all with a threshold to, not one but several different futures. It is not as if these had never been sensed, divined, imagined, extrapolated, represented – or wished for: we have no dearth of science- fictions, predictions and prophecies and numerous studies and analyses of the different possibilities liable to arise out of the present conditions are available.

There is one future, though, which does not easily lend itself to our intelligence: it is the future of self-manifesting consciousness.


2020 has indeed demonstrated the logical tenets of a human future organized and managed by effective centres of authority – the Chinese model of a happy obedient society is one version of it already partially implemented.


Whatever its version may be, this sort of future implies the central use of artificial intelligence (a vague denomination for a vast array of new technological applications of quantum physics) on the one hand, and sufficient control of the entire world-population, which may have to be somewhat reduced for the purpose if it cannot be disciplined in its entirety. The active proponents of such a future are of course endeavouring to factor in possible or probable destructions and disruptions caused by calamitous natural events and even by human agents vying for supremacy, through chemical or atomic weapons.


The second likely future is one of wear and tear and forced adaptation resulting from further natural upheavals and extreme pollution together with continued exacerbation of intolerance.

This is the most familiar as yet and so devoid of hope and cheer that the first one appears all the more tempting.

Under the cover of health emergency, 2020 has introduced all of us at once to the first possibility which requires the abandonment of many of our cherished ideals and banners, including that of a fair democracy, showing us how fast these can pale and fade before the will to survive and pointing to the new modes of deportment.


Both these futures are fuelled by the human desire to postpone death and to reproduce and make last and possibly ameliorate the human lot upon this earth, a speck in the infinite.


But the second one at least offers some chance or prospect for intuitive steps forward and an increase in solidarity, respect and candid innovation and perhaps enough scope for a fumbling discovery of a better world.


And then there is this other future that awaits.

This is the gradual manifestation of a state and a condition of being which no human words can begin to actually describe, yet of which we have long made the heart of our trust and hopes, a future that has never existed and yet will alone justify the incommensurable travails of evolution and reconcile all contraries. But we cannot approach or access this future until and unless two conditions are met: one must no longer have any fear of death and one must be free of all past attachments. One can only carry one’s love for the divinity in each and all, one’s love for the presence of the supreme in every atom and every ounce of matter as in every possibility in the universe, one’s love and trust in the One.


In effect, the “masquerade” of 2020 has more importantly been an unveiling of the dynamics of these futures; for they have been there a while in the earth-atmosphere, contiguous and simultaneous yet distinct and set at different degrees of this complex multidimensional material reality.

In fact, it is unlikely that anyone of us can walk just one path out of the three. It is again a matter of equilibrium and each individual being is the


stage for the choice to be made and become effective and creative of the world to come.


Each of us responds to events, circumstances, pressures and necessities according to one’s centre of awareness, to one’s attuning and alignment, to one’s inner urge and aspiration, to one’s level of unification – and more crucially, to one’s reliance on the Grace.

Even the most malfeasant criminal may turn to the Grace.


Essentially, every attempt, every venture rests on its own truth: therefore it cannot be excluded or denied, yet it must find its right place and function within a harmonious whole. And, within that whole, the merging of one’s human consciousness into and with a new conscious being has a most profound and creative role. For, through it, the entire manifestation may enter the next evolutionary stage. It is not a matter of numbers: those who commit to follow the path of awareness and union, for whom it is simply a central and essential need, in whom the flame of aspiration grows through everything, those are unlikely to be very numerous as of now; what matters, what counts, what acts, is the radiating of the experience.




In all those who have become conscious of the Presence, there is a sense of gratitude. This gratitude translates also in simple and genuine gratefulness for everyone, at every moment – for every being, known and unknown, who is presently engaged in this material world and struggling and trying and striving and serving and experiencing the questions of our human existence. Gratitude goes naturally to the Presence of Truth, to the Force and the Grace of true consciousness: it goes there and only there as the bird to the nest. Gratefulness goes to all the others, whoever and wherever they are, who share in the struggle and try to do the best they can and together serve the existing harmony, however imperfect and assailed it may be.


True consciousness – truth-consciousness, the consciousness that is to take the lead of evolution and incarnate in transitional human beings so as to begin and develop its limbs and organs of manifestation – is here: it is active and working ceaselessly in the earth-atmosphere, preparing, educating us all.

It will come immediately to the aid of any awakening.

But on our part, we have to maintain and develop the will to awaken and to serve.


Our vigilance must increase.

Our minds can be misled.

Our vital forces can be misguided, our emotions, feelings, sentiments, impulses, can all be trapped.

Our trust must rest exclusively in the truth-consciousness.


Once the connect ion is established and the awareness is born and according to one’s individual aspiration and inner inclination, this connection can direct us in innumerable ways and while some of us may be drawn to more concentrated and intensive processes, others may be supported and encouraged to contribute to more collective needs and concerns for change and harmonization..

There is no field in which the truth-consciousness will not apply itself, as long as we are guarded against any lesser interference or influence.

Our human intelligence, until it is wholly turned to the Truth, will endeavour to reason out more brilliantly the supremacy of the mind. We need to be free of it and to learn to listen in the offered silence of our being to the clear dictates and proddings of the Truth. Even when it seeks still to convince us of our delusion, we must remain steady.

Let this be our offering and contribution to the whole.

Let this be our service to the future of the earth, a future of truth and strength and delight, of beauty, solidarity and harmony, a future of


plenitude: by our concentration and our commitment and our unwavering alignment, we call the true consciousness into our humanity and its sovereign seeing force into the earth atmosphere.


For we all are presently witnessing and participating both in the ending of a reign and the yet unrecognized advent of another era, emanating from and infused by another, higher, truer and safer state of consciousness and manifestation.

One might define the reign of the mind as the era of duality.

It has played its role and fulfilled its functions.

It has helped us humans to individualize and explore and progress, each shielded by an active principle of separateness – what we now call the “ego”. It is now time to outgrow it, to free our consciousness from its fetters and clutches and opposites and to become apprentices to the world anew.


When we use the word “conscious” - unless we already have the experience of merging, even but for a second of our time, into the other, the new, the true state of being -, it tends to conjure a sense of extreme attention, of intense self-control, of unsustainable tension: our mind, our vital being, cannot conceive of a really superior condition that would be secure and safe and natural and all-inclusive, they have been convinced of the need, when one turns to the “spiritual” life, of tremendous discipline and ascesis.


This is a misunderstanding.

The state of being to which we are evolving is that of a unified nature, of a continuum of awareness, effortless and rich with infinite progress and ceaseless depths of experience.

But it begins with a pure call.


Yet we are not to ignore the conditions of this earth.

It is in Matter the work is done.

It is in Matter the way is found.

Earth is the chosen site of self-manifesting consciousness in the sense of its evolutive discovery and incarnation of itself. The human being evolved upon earth is the field of labour and the bridge and the instrument. It must join forces with Nature and Matter for the progressive realization of conscious plenitude. The conditions at present are dire, in terms of the harmony and well-being of earthly life: in its material reality, for instance, there are already uncounted discarded objects orbiting it or wandering away in distant space and Earth itself, our home, this gifted home we are meant to share with all of Nature’s myriad creations, is wounded a nd damaged and heaving up – and who is responsible, who is to blame and who will repair and restore and heal?

This necessarily must be part of our aspiration and resolve.


When we are ready to turn to Consciousness and its Force, whether in us, above us, in Matter, in Nature, as One, we will begin to address Matter itself in ways that will deliver its creative resources and will teach us true collaboration at all levels. We already experience glimpses of its infinite treasures, when a child discovers unexpectedly another way to produce electricity or clean a pond – there is no limit to the possibilities that can open before hearts that have been cleansed and have aligned for good with the truth of existence. There is no escape: we each and all have to own up to humanity’s misdeeds, each and all of us share in the same human nature – its frailties and strengths, its evils and its blessings – and there is no point in seeking to attribute or apportion guilt and responsibility, if and when we realize that the time has come to break the lid and seek the embrace of the Infinite and be guided by it for ever more.



Know and remember this now:

Everything in you, every part of you, can be bought or coerced.

Except one thing: your unconditional need for the divine, for the truth of all existence.

This is your only safe treasure and access to worthy morrows.


Divakar – Auroville, December 5 th , 2020.


Aum Namo Bhagavate


Namastasyei Namastasyei Namastasyei

Namo Namah


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