practical lessons 2020

Our vigilance must increase.

Our minds can be misled.

Our vital forces can be misguided, our emotions, feelings, sentiments, impulses, can all be trapped.

Our trust must rest exclusively in the truth-consciousness.


Once the connect ion is established and the awareness is born and according to one’s individual aspiration and inner inclination, this connection can direct us in innumerable ways and while some of us may be drawn to more concentrated and intensive processes, others may be supported and encouraged to contribute to more collective needs and concerns for change and harmonization..

There is no field in which the truth-consciousness will not apply itself, as long as we are guarded against any lesser interference or influence.

Our human intelligence, until it is wholly turned to the Truth, will endeavour to reason out more brilliantly the supremacy of the mind. We need to be free of it and to learn to listen in the offered silence of our being to the clear dictates and proddings of the Truth. Even when it seeks still to convince us of our delusion, we must remain steady.

Let this be our offering and contribution to the whole.

Let this be our service to the future of the earth, a future of truth and strength and delight, of beauty, solidarity and harmony, a future of


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