practical lessons 2020

Wedded to our bodies (till death do us part)

Each of us entertains with one’s body a unique and changing relationship.

It is not often, however, that the changes which take place in this relationship can be assessed as progressive; the entire world appears to be in league against such a possibility and those few who manage to age well enough, with dignity and grace, alertness and generosity elicit our unreserved admiration. It would seem irrational and chimerical to hope for a better outcome. And yet, death is our whip and our reminder that we must move on, that it is for consciousness in us to increase and radiate and incarnate so densely that it, death, will cease to reign absolute - and will no longer impose an as yet indispensable halt of material dissolution. Our individual understanding and perception of our own body varies according to the education received, to the milieu we live in, to the quality of our daily life, to the expectations surrounding us and, of course, to its organic condition and physiognomy – whether inherited at birth, developed with effort and discipline or accidentally caused or, in fact, a combination of the three. The human body is at once helplessly impressionable and extraordinarily enduring. It is continuously and constantly impressed upon by internal and external stimuli, every single second of its life, and unreservedly willing to endure everything till its last breath.

It is resourceful far beyond our understanding.

It can withstand terrible hardships, yet it can collapse at any moment.


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