practical lessons 2020

concern, including the domain of public health, with ramifications and branches in most countries.

Said to comprise of highly competent and informed scientists, the World Health Organization is backed and funded by interested parties: its word is meant to act like a fiat and any of its pronouncements is ignored at one’s peril. Thus when early in this year 2020 it sounded a high-pitched warning – “ a new pandemic is coming!!! ” -, its alarm was dutifully and obligingly relayed by most governments and this well-prepared act worked its magic on billions of body-minds.



Everyone, all of us living upon earth, were told and impressed upon that our bodies were bound to be violated, invaded and contaminated from one to the others to the multitude of us all unless … unless we all followed strictly the instructions and restraints that would be thereafter imposed upon us all for our own good and this until … until the laboratories would work out the winning formula for a sure proof vaccine.



The human body is equipped with its own “mind”, which tends to be repetitive and acts as both a protecting shield and a transmitter of relevant information for its well-being; it is therefore a sort of interface between our active mind and its incessant cellular workings. Trust or fear have each a tremendous effect, echoing through and through, either with ripples and waves of confidence and well-being and reliance on the higher force of harmony, or with anxiety, doubts, dreads and worries.


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