practical lessons 2020

stage for the choice to be made and become effective and creative of the world to come.


Each of us responds to events, circumstances, pressures and necessities according to one’s centre of awareness, to one’s attuning and alignment, to one’s inner urge and aspiration, to one’s level of unification – and more crucially, to one’s reliance on the Grace.

Even the most malfeasant criminal may turn to the Grace.


Essentially, every attempt, every venture rests on its own truth: therefore it cannot be excluded or denied, yet it must find its right place and function within a harmonious whole. And, within that whole, the merging of one’s human consciousness into and with a new conscious being has a most profound and creative role. For, through it, the entire manifestation may enter the next evolutionary stage. It is not a matter of numbers: those who commit to follow the path of awareness and union, for whom it is simply a central and essential need, in whom the flame of aspiration grows through everything, those are unlikely to be very numerous as of now; what matters, what counts, what acts, is the radiating of the experience.



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