practical lessons 2020

In effect we all, all of us, have been treated as preys and subjected to an increasingly intensive enticement through a growing variety of alluring, competitive, innovative, ever more sophisticated articles presented as the wanted signs and Ingredients of the ideal way of life – ideal yet reachable by one and all. We were thus persuaded to actually absorb in our bodies all manners of chemical compounds that caused all sorts of disorders – for the repair of which all kinds of molecular compounds were then in turn concocted and administered as the correct remedies. The list of identified diseases augmented and research on their possible cures thrived. We, we the bodies, were, all these years, just as the body of the earth was, ruthlessly abused and vitiated and polluted and dispossessed. This has been a triumphing rise of the negation of all inner life and conscious evolution: we were taught and encouraged to believe that the quality of our physical existence depended entirely on external means, that the resilience of our material body rested on proper medical monitoring and judicious consumption of a great range of chemical remedies, the effects of which would often prove to be addictive.

2020 has shown us how weakened we have become.

It has taught us that we must be cleansed of all fear if we are to find the true way forward, the way of conscious freedom.

The alternative is grim: slavery awaits in the next room.



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