practical lessons 2020

The role of power How do we submit?

Our submission was already largely achieved prior to 2020.

Through mass media and the cunning misuse of current technologies, most of us had already succumbed to the dictatorship of fashion, style and trends; it invaded our daily lives decades ago and peer pressure became the staunchest ally of this stupefying enterprise. This unrelenting, permanent pressure to conform took over every domain of human activity and intellectuals were not immune to it. Little by little this intent made each of us to relinquish one’s own criteria for self-expression and commitment. Even surges of self-affirmation and liberation were soon administered the same treatment and valuation as commodities. Even though the loss of genuine individual stance is often painfully felt, most of us cannot but be somewhat grateful for this miraculous bonanza of new technologies together with the masterful market mind-set, since they afforded us virtual access to numberless satisfactions and lessened the dull necessities of life. It is only, however, when our approach to the true benefits of these new possibilities is deliberate and discerning and well anchored that their usage becomes helpful in to our comprehension of reality: for indeed, access to all knowledge, sharing of all information and instant communication can free us from many of our conditionings, aid us in barrier-breaking and prepare us for a more universal and embracing humanness. ***


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