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It studies every phenomenon, every component and every relationship with the aim of acquiring control – what is considered as knowledge – of all of Nature.

Nonetheless, for a while the generalist, the country or bush doctor would guard and respect the integrity of each body and the trusting reliance on its inborn capacity for recovery and harmony, and would only contribute the appropriate punctual help. But medical science (allopathic medicine mainly), evolving through numberless experiments, specific breakthroughs and partial discoveries, fragmented into numerous separate disciplines and techniques giving way to the specializations that have become the bane of current health-care. Traditional medicine addresses each body as a whole being that, for any set of reasons or causes, may require temporary help and assistance in order to reestablish harmony; it seeks to provide it with clues and elements of a path to recovery and resolution. Allopathic medicine regards the injured or sickened body as ignorant and proceeds to define both the disorder and the cure, asking it to blindly collaborate to the process it sets in motion for its own good. However, most if not all treatments and substances that are administered by allopathic therapies have multiple secondary effects which rebound and contribute to a sort of slavery to further treatments, instead of rehabilitation of the body’s own power of harmony and integration.


Over the last decades, organizations have formed on the world stage that have vested themselves with knowledge and authority in various fields of


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