practical lessons 2020

But the second one at least offers some chance or prospect for intuitive steps forward and an increase in solidarity, respect and candid innovation and perhaps enough scope for a fumbling discovery of a better world.


And then there is this other future that awaits.

This is the gradual manifestation of a state and a condition of being which no human words can begin to actually describe, yet of which we have long made the heart of our trust and hopes, a future that has never existed and yet will alone justify the incommensurable travails of evolution and reconcile all contraries. But we cannot approach or access this future until and unless two conditions are met: one must no longer have any fear of death and one must be free of all past attachments. One can only carry one’s love for the divinity in each and all, one’s love for the presence of the supreme in every atom and every ounce of matter as in every possibility in the universe, one’s love and trust in the One.


In effect, the “masquerade” of 2020 has more importantly been an unveiling of the dynamics of these futures; for they have been there a while in the earth-atmosphere, contiguous and simultaneous yet distinct and set at different degrees of this complex multidimensional material reality.

In fact, it is unlikely that anyone of us can walk just one path out of the three. It is again a matter of equilibrium and each individual being is the


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