practical lessons 2020


In all those who have become conscious of the Presence, there is a sense of gratitude. This gratitude translates also in simple and genuine gratefulness for everyone, at every moment – for every being, known and unknown, who is presently engaged in this material world and struggling and trying and striving and serving and experiencing the questions of our human existence. Gratitude goes naturally to the Presence of Truth, to the Force and the Grace of true consciousness: it goes there and only there as the bird to the nest. Gratefulness goes to all the others, whoever and wherever they are, who share in the struggle and try to do the best they can and together serve the existing harmony, however imperfect and assailed it may be.


True consciousness – truth-consciousness, the consciousness that is to take the lead of evolution and incarnate in transitional human beings so as to begin and develop its limbs and organs of manifestation – is here: it is active and working ceaselessly in the earth-atmosphere, preparing, educating us all.

It will come immediately to the aid of any awakening.

But on our part, we have to maintain and develop the will to awaken and to serve.


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