practical lessons 2020

plenitude: by our concentration and our commitment and our unwavering alignment, we call the true consciousness into our humanity and its sovereign seeing force into the earth atmosphere.


For we all are presently witnessing and participating both in the ending of a reign and the yet unrecognized advent of another era, emanating from and infused by another, higher, truer and safer state of consciousness and manifestation.

One might define the reign of the mind as the era of duality.

It has played its role and fulfilled its functions.

It has helped us humans to individualize and explore and progress, each shielded by an active principle of separateness – what we now call the “ego”. It is now time to outgrow it, to free our consciousness from its fetters and clutches and opposites and to become apprentices to the world anew.


When we use the word “conscious” - unless we already have the experience of merging, even but for a second of our time, into the other, the new, the true state of being -, it tends to conjure a sense of extreme attention, of intense self-control, of unsustainable tension: our mind, our vital being, cannot conceive of a really superior condition that would be secure and safe and natural and all-inclusive, they have been convinced of the need, when one turns to the “spiritual” life, of tremendous discipline and ascesis.


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