practical lessons 2020

These choices and orientations have betrayed us all, have betrayed the earth.


Where does corruption begin?

Nowadays we watch and are part of innumerable scenes as masked actors: “masked” being inaccurate a description, it is more of a disfigurement, a bandage, a gag, that we are made, compelled or persuaded to undergo, wear and bear and maintain.

Medical authorities have split into jagged slivers of discordant voices.

When common sense tries to raise again its burly head, it is shot with invectives and called a criminal.

Corruption begins to affect us as individuals when one accepts to yield to a pressure to act against what one feels or knows to be right. This pressure can come either from another person, from a group, from a system, an organization, a government, and it can come from one’s own desire, craving, ambition, thwarted moral sense, or religious dictate.

Each time there is com pliance, one looses a little more of one’s integrity.

So, nowadays, there are indeed multitudes of signs of corruption, as if we were all regimented in the discipline of false renouncement: renouncing our individual integrity, our corporeal integrity, betraying our human responsibility.


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