practical lessons 2020

This in turn acts upon one’s surroundings.


We were all effectively informed and persuaded that our bodies were no longer up to the task: the scale of this new threat went beyond their possibilities of defense and response. But even more alarmingly, we were also told that we could each become a risk to the others, and we would have to, we simply must, regard one another with caution and establish safe distancing between us all. So in one stroke, not only this physical world was becoming too dangerous, but our human world was also turning into a threat. Now, short of unquestioning obeisance and compliance, where was one to find the wherewithal and resource to remain centered and anchored into the trust that is natural to the body when left to its own? An ominous obstacle loomed: even if one could somehow retain one’s corporeal ability to trust and smile and be clear-sighted, one would be faced with having to openly disobey, or refuse to comply with measures and practices almost everyone else seemed to willingly accept…

Fear and the craving for reassurance are actually more contagious than any physical “disease”.


And so, a day at a time, the question began to rise in more and more individuals, an inevitable question and, all considered, a “healthy” question.


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