practical lessons 2020

This was actually the true purpose of these perfected tools and it remains so, when we are able to disengage from the shadowy misuse and exploitation made of them by... other selves!!!


Indeed, as 2020 has amply clarified, some of us humans have formed the belief that they can eventually achieve control over this sprawling chaos and have been planning accordingly. Thus there are still those, within our human species, who cultivate the separate will to exercise power so as to realize their vision of a separate world. Their weakness is that they can only work together as long as they act for the same purpose.

They know of unity only as an expedient concept.

They borrow hollowed notions from the truth to be realised, they utter sacred words with the intent of appropriating their effects: they refer to the unity of the world, but what they have in mind in a subdued, servile, contented mass functioning in concert.


But what is the role of power in our existence?

Is any one of us exempt from its deformations?



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