practical lessons 2020

We want to be subjugated, desired or attracted, placed under a spell, inveighed, occupied, even obsessed with the person or the object of our attention; we need to feel and sense the effect we have on others, the sway or at least the influence we exert; we believe we may thrive on adulation. We are generally and mostly very confused about the nature of power and its origin, depending on the level of our being on which we either claim it or submit to it.


The separation of power from its source has engendered our perversion, in the sense that the life-force in us has been veiled and disfigured by its self- centred drive.

Left to itself and allowed to flow without interference or control, the force of life is always balanced and always seeks harmony, progress, wholesome growth, beauty, diversity, wealth of possibilities and ever more integral perfection in its organization and cohesion. Left to itself the force of life is irresistible, ever candid, ever trusting, ever more inclusive and creative.

Yet in our humanity it has been perverted and corrupted by the false reign of power over our existences.


2020 has allowed us all to reconsider the nature of our relationships.


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