practical lessons 2020

Whatever its version may be, this sort of future implies the central use of artificial intelligence (a vague denomination for a vast array of new technological applications of quantum physics) on the one hand, and sufficient control of the entire world-population, which may have to be somewhat reduced for the purpose if it cannot be disciplined in its entirety. The active proponents of such a future are of course endeavouring to factor in possible or probable destructions and disruptions caused by calamitous natural events and even by human agents vying for supremacy, through chemical or atomic weapons.


The second likely future is one of wear and tear and forced adaptation resulting from further natural upheavals and extreme pollution together with continued exacerbation of intolerance.

This is the most familiar as yet and so devoid of hope and cheer that the first one appears all the more tempting.

Under the cover of health emergency, 2020 has introduced all of us at once to the first possibility which requires the abandonment of many of our cherished ideals and banners, including that of a fair democracy, showing us how fast these can pale and fade before the will to survive and pointing to the new modes of deportment.


Both these futures are fuelled by the human desire to postpone death and to reproduce and make last and possibly ameliorate the human lot upon this earth, a speck in the infinite.


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