practical lessons 2020

This is a misunderstanding.

The state of being to which we are evolving is that of a unified nature, of a continuum of awareness, effortless and rich with infinite progress and ceaseless depths of experience.

But it begins with a pure call.


Yet we are not to ignore the conditions of this earth.

It is in Matter the work is done.

It is in Matter the way is found.

Earth is the chosen site of self-manifesting consciousness in the sense of its evolutive discovery and incarnation of itself. The human being evolved upon earth is the field of labour and the bridge and the instrument. It must join forces with Nature and Matter for the progressive realization of conscious plenitude. The conditions at present are dire, in terms of the harmony and well-being of earthly life: in its material reality, for instance, there are already uncounted discarded objects orbiting it or wandering away in distant space and Earth itself, our home, this gifted home we are meant to share with all of Nature’s myriad creations, is wounded a nd damaged and heaving up – and who is responsible, who is to blame and who will repair and restore and heal?

This necessarily must be part of our aspiration and resolve.


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