practical lessons 2020

It can support extreme effort, yet it seems to be vulnerable to pressures we do not comprehend.

It is our first ally and companion, yet it can betray our ambitions and expectations.

It responds to our faith, yet it appears to be impelled to let us down.


Every one of what we now term as “traditional medicines” would approach the body as a microcosm and, through observation and inner verified awareness, attempt to help preserve, maintain or repair its innate capacity for equilibrium of all the forces at play. Likewise it would approach all of Nature – animal, vegetal and mineral – as a treasure trove of all the qualities, properties and powers that participate in this equilibrium at every level of organization. Thus, if and when the body needed help, the health servants would, according to the type of its constitution and the factors involved in the loss of its capacity for equilibrium, prescribe a particular discipline and the ingestion of specific substances that would contribute to its recovery without any residual dependency. Their science would be founded upon and arise from the central perception of the unity and interconnectedness of all creation.


Modern medicine is essentially interventionist.


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