practical lessons 2020

Could this vertical hierarchical assault of paralyzing inhibiting alarmist relentless directives possibly be issued by an assembly of sages?

Obviously not.


Thus came the other wake-up call: the inner one!

Time to align.

Time to center into the one inviolable space and freedom that exists: the space and freedom of consciousness.

This is the time when the whole being must rally and unite and choose.

Not “against” anything or any force, b ut FOR.

Regardless of public or personal opinion or apprehension, each one must align and center. No one else can do it but oneself.

And it is the same self awakening in each of us.

So even though one must alone make the first step, one is not alone walking..

One is all.


Over the same last few decades, the world has known a tremendous surge of what is termed “consumerism”.


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