practical lessons 2020


There are a few demonstrative lessons we have all been given already by the year 2020.

The first one concerns our bodies – our body = the body and our relationship to its existence.

This lesson reaches deep and far.

The second one concerns power, our relationship to power – and to submission.

This lesson as it is now taught to us all links the most ancient past of our beginnings to the future we need to choose.

The third one concerns the collective destiny of humanity and our relationship to it as individuals.

This lesson, although it is of course taught to each of us and to all of us all the time, is now charged with an unprecedented sense of urgency, if not of finality.

Now, whether we can identify the teacher – the universe, the human spirit, the earth-soul, the Divine guide, the angels, our extra-terrestrial kin, the one God or God’s special envoys for the earth, our ancestors, the saints attending to our fate – or would rather leave it undefined, these lessons hold true for everyone who cares to progress.



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