practical lessons 2020

We are all of course complicit.

In different ways, at different moments, through different parts of us, we have allowed this to happen to us all, we have somehow made it possible, contributed to it or even actively supported it for various short-sighted reasons. But we are most responsible for the gradual abandon of our integrity and our duty to discern and choose.


Science is the methodical pursuit of knowledge.

It by and of itself is amoral, and seeks to be impartial, impersonal, ever progressive and free of inhibiting influences.

It is an avenue of human consciousness and as such it must be let free to explore and delve and discover ever more, farther and deeper into reality.

Where we are meant to exercise unwavering vigilance and relate to unambiguous criteria of choice is in the area of application – the area that lies between knowledge and life in this physical world. Our criteria obviously must be, ought to be, should always have been, the welfare of all upon earth: the welfare and progressive harmony of the whole of earthly life.

Food-poisoning, pollution of air, water and soil, vitiation of the oceans, betrayal of the body, are results and consequences of the wrong choices: wrong, not in terms of morality, but in terms of evolution – of harmonious evolution, of self-perfecting increase of consciousness and unity.


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