practical lessons 2020

Power is essential.

Without power there is no manifestation.

Power is not to be had.

It is not to be wielded.

It is not to be used or misused.

When a being is unified, it is empowered.


This is the malediction of the human race that power separated from its source: this separation is the cause of our tragedies.

A unified being spontaneously manifests and radiates true harmony: this is power, which cannot be imitated or replaced.

This is the law of unity, which we all have to learn – and the lessons are growing more imperative every moment.


Yet most of us crave for power in one form or another, power situates and defines us in the process of our individualisation, it gives meaning and intensity to our existence, it is invited in our intimacy, saluted or resented in our society: it is wanted.


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