practical lessons 2020

But most painful and distressing is the corruption our bodies are compelled to accept; for the measures enjoined upon them are alienating and contrary to the body’s own sense of the necessary adjustments. We say, with our corrupted reason, that the body must fight and be helped to defend itself against an inimical intrusion and we infect it with our own notions of good and evil, of safety and danger, while its own wisdom is to integrate and evolve and harmonize. The body, the cellular body, knows its milieu and environment as a constant circulation and incalculable interaction midst countless live associations amongst and within which it must learn to constantly adapt and absorb and transform and order so as to remain cohesive and viable as a singular organism.

Researchers are now able to observe this level of reality; yet the innate knowledge and wisdom of our bodies remains ignored or too puzzling to admit.


It is now for whoever among us all who is or becomes aware of these truths, to stand and to align.

And it is for whoever among us who is conscious of the true Presence, of the true Force, of the true Love, of the oneness of all, and experiences an aspiration and an urge to serve the advent of a truer terrestrial material world, to ensure, through silent transparency and living care, that the body is sharing in that experience: for when it does, it sets to seek the ways, at its own levels of awareness and cellular, molecular communication, for this new world to become incarnate and the new beings to begin to manifest.


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