The discernment and the guide

The discernment and the guide

Aum Namo Bhagavate Srimiraaravindaye Namo Namah



Today as this is being written most of us humans upon earth are experiencing the same crisis: we are all fed the same mix of information, misinformation and disinformation around the same phantom threat and having to face the same losses and questions.

This situation is entirely unprecedented.

And so is the evolutionary opportunity it offers us.

These are critical times.

And these are times of emancipation.

When governments, scientists, media, dignitaries and representatives of all hues, are lying to the people they had vouched to serve, thereby creating an atmosphere of numbing confusion and fear, it is for each person to find the resolve and courage to stand for the rightness of being.

This is the step the universe is asking us to take, there is no other option.

Each orientation and commitment generates its own original dynamics.

To serve the truth of this world, to stand for it and its progressive future, is our sacred duty.



My prayer is for these words to carry and convey the urgent clarity of the call.



An aside

“Let me share here my experience and impressions as a friendly extra- terrestrial, witness to the situation prevailing upon earth at this hour. (I do come visiting relatively often, at closer and closer intervals in these last decades of human time, as the evolutionary forces have been considerably increasing their pace) As I drew nearer this time I first had several glimpses of an odd behaviour; there were images of groups of persons here and there in a small European town, well-ordered waiting lines before a grocery store or a museum, or people seated inside public transport vehicles with empty seats between them, each one wearing a bandage-like cloth on the lower part of the face, with a sort of attitude at once hesitant, resigned and disciplined; I first assumed there must have occurred some accident in the neighbourhood, such as an explosion or a leak in a chemical products factory for instance, and that these measures were probably justified temporary precautions meant to prevent or at least attenuate the noxious effects of gas or particles released in the ambient air and that everyone was therefore willingly submitting to them, knowing it would only last a few days, till either the leak was plugged or the toxic emissions had dissipated. But then, as I moved further afield – from one area to another and back and forth through the weeks and months – I came to realize that these measures were almost universally applied and could in no way be justified rationally.

Something very different was taking place.

Could it be the case of a terrestrial action by an unidentified source having at its disposal formidable occult knowledge and power, capable of compelling billions of individuals to bend to such absurd, grotesque, undignified and useless constraints making of them all servile and fearful


creatures clinging to whatever elusive immediate comfort was still granted them conditionally?

To what ends? For what purpose?

All categories of explanations and denials were circulating in the atmosphere and contributed to further inhibit and paralyse even the inner movements of each and every person. There was no visible violence, no one appeared to be physically forced or threatened – except in regions where poorer populations struggled to comply with the orders given them for purely material reasons.

Everywhere was the same reference to a particular virus and its lethal properties, which were said to have spread all over the earth.

But did everyone understand what a virus is?

The actual number of viruses within the terrestrial milieu is unquantifiable; they constitute one of the primary, founding materials of living nature which it uses ever since the origins of life to all sorts of ends. A virus is neutral: its properties and potentials are only activated if and when it is hosted by a living organism and according to the communication that develops within the organic equilibrium it has entered. Certain viruses have been isolated and identified in research laboratories – both theoretical and applied research – for various experiments. Thus some of these have indeed been manipulated or tampered with, which is to say that their genetic “sequences” have been somewhat modified. Whatever be the case, if there is indeed an endemic proliferation, whether accidental or deliberate, of such a virus, its behaviour will inevitably vary according to its host and the human body, being an ancient of the evolution, can eventually cope with all viruses insofar as it is enabled to


develop the needed responses, either of integration or of rejection – this ability being proportional to the measure of its force of individual equilibrium. And yet, in the entire period of several months I have watched, I have not observed on the part of the concerned “authorities” the least attempt at providing the public with the tools of the required understanding – rather, the most alarmist and hermetic (in the sense of being closed to any questioning) signals have been as if systematically broadcast by all available technological means with the full support of the governmental machineries. Thus, under the pretext of saving the population from a terrifying hecatomb, all have seen the gradual removal of their basic rights to exist as social beings, of their means of subsistence and their freedom of practice. Such results and outcomes on such a global scale could only ever be obtained but after a long intensive preparation and sustained action on behaviours and comportments, by methods of conditioning akin to those of hypnosis as well as by a careful and detailed study and analysis of probable responses to such or such major intervention – utilising thereby what capacities are already procured by the latest advances in the domain of artificial intelligence. However it was also given me to observe some of the collateral benefits and windfalls during this same period of prolonged “confinement”, not only in terms of the sensible reduction of the divers pollutions in the atmosphere of the earth, but also in terms of each individual’s relationship with one’s own abilities and will to draw from inner resources – and this lets one presage the possibility of an unexpected awakening.


To summarize, and without venturing further into comments which might appear too critical or “inhuman”, I would conclude that the time has come for all those who have the courage to do so, to firmly disengage from all these conditionings that enslave them and to unite concretely with the consciousness of the true being, free of all births.

With my very best wishes.”




How is it that nowhere in the world of today a leader has appeared who could be unconditionally trusted? Should not such an appearance be the natural result or outcome of the evolution of the collective consciousness?


Are the appalling scenes, the monstrous behaviors, the destructive insanity, the pampered idiocy we see all over the earth a reminder that progress is not linear, but moves in a developing spiral that includes ever more possibilities in its churning hold?


There seems to be a dearth of the most humane intelligence in most, if not all of the present leaders and public figures supposedly representing the people and acting on their behalf for the sake of the common good: indeed is it not a matter of simple humane intelligence to seek other, more wholesome avenues for the self-expression of a worthy civilization in this material realm, more harmonious ways and means of conscious growth than the disruptive and degrading exploitations that are still current? Perhaps there are a few isolated examples of governing bodies sustaining actual concerns for living and progressive harmony – harmony between the peoples, harmony with Nature, harmony with Self -, such as the Bhutanese government or the government in exile of the Tibetan people, or to some extent the governments of Costa Rica or Iceland.


But even if and where there is a fairly solid governing team, it must still rely and count on an active, widespread and willing response in the collectivity it serves, whereby each individual member is endorsing a sense of responsibility and commitment to the directives and policies issued.


Genuine obedience multiplies the efficiency of the given orders and commands; genuine obedience implies a willingness to act accordingly and follow through whatever the obstacles and consequences.

Genuine obedience is not subservient compliance, nor is it fearful adherence.

Genuine obedience arises out of unreserved trust and confidence and grows more lucid and aware as it is tested by the unfolding results and effects of its service. Genuine obedience demands the foundation of realization: the source of direction, impetus and conduct must have been identified as egoless, clear- sighted and one with the living truth of this world, with its self-manifesting progressive perfection.


Can one describe, if not define, the ideal leader, the leader all seekers and all warriors dream of, the leader whose banner would unfurl through the universes, because it would be one with the very purpose and origin of this whole humanness? This leader would have to be at once the General and the Master, this leader would have to be the King and the Guide in one being, the Chief and


the God in one body, this leader would have to be Right and True and Vast and loving, fearless and benevolent, wide and wise and precisely attentive at the same time…




We are all groping for directions.

How can I feed my family?

How can I overcome this crippling disease?

How can I manage to pass my exams?

How can I persuade them that this law must not be passed?

How can I save my brother from this ruinous choice?

How can I stop these sharks from grabbing our land?

How can I neutralize this hatred?

How can I reach the station in time?

This search and need for directions is constant, incessant, omnipresent.

And it is not either personal or impersonal, but simultaneously of different orders. We are all wondering, echoing the questions, the blind queries that occupy the very air wherever we live. There are horrifying realizations, that leave an aftermath of utter despondency: is not it clearly too late to recover a natural equilibrium that has been so disrupted and compromised by our own callous greed?

Could it be still possible to mend our ways?



All the scientists and researchers of the entire world, in all disciplines and domains, must join forces in finding ways and means to repair, heal, rehabilitate and cleanse all the damaged parts and areas of the Earth. All the children in all the schools of the world can devote some time of their days to try and find solutions to these many material situations that seem irredeemable but, with the acuity of attention and the purity of intuition still available at that age, new paths and approaches and methods can be found. How to clean the lakes and rivers and oceans, how to neutralize nuclear waste, how to …. It is possible, there is no doubt, but we have to find the right position, attitude, consciousness – and we need to find it now!


Is there a way, an actual, concrete, effective way to cure evil?


No matter how good-willed and disinterested and empathetic one may be, one is yet bound, travelling this world and observing our humanity, to find that some evil, some degree of evil, seems to be unreachable – or is it rather that only true, pure, unreserved love will reach it?

Or is it primarily a matter of intensity, of inhabitation, of incarnation?

For are not all perversions born of a craving for occupancy – and are not so all seekings?


In this perspective, is not every seeker searching for the right possessor: to be possessed by the divine spirit, the divine force, the divine absolute, is not that the aim and the accomplishment? Thus, as we all know, many are the pitfalls provided by the ego’s ambitions or unoffered desires and greed and hankerings. And there are those who would rather do evil than have to bear emptiness, indifference or contempt. Possession, b being taken over, being filled, occupied, invested, by any and all means – by drugs, alcohol, work, passion, dedication, responsibility, duty, madness, challenge, risk, creativity, imagination: we all crave to belong, to be owned one way or another.

The air we breathe, the very atmosphere, our subconscious foundation, are rife with our own creations, addictions, desires, fears and wilfulness.

This is our fundamental weakness, and this weakness is being used against us by all vested interests.

We are all puppets, unless and until we each of us turn to the One and joyfully accept to be divested of our garbs and remade in the truth of our being.




However, the transformative action of the process of cleansing and unifying all the parts and movements of our nature around our central innermost being, requires time. There is a shortcut being presented to all of us now: it is for each of us to serve the truth.

This commitment, once made, will demand increasing courage, fortitude, rigorous honesty, scrupulous attention, evolving discernment, all qualities and powers which can and must be cultivated – and are most needed in our present collective condition.


This is in fact the most revolutionary practice, the most effective way to change oneself and one’s environment, all the more so as one grows into it and begins to experience concrete love for the truth, which is an aspect of the supreme self.

As one tries more and more sincerely to be true, in every circumstance, every situation and every relationship, one is gradually set free from all conventional values and from dualities such as public or private, work or leisure, professional or personal, and such judgments and appreciations as ordinarily motivate individual choices.


One is given another, deeper and wider perspective on every act and expression of our humanity, a perspective which is more and more grounded in the spirit. These are some of the revelations that this very practice of serving the truth will bring in its pace forward, if one is ready to let go of old identities and motives.

This is guaranteed…!




Truth is not to be used.

Truth is to be served.



Let us act

There are instances when truth demands to be silent – when its utterance or revelation may cause more harm than good: the silence then must be strong.

Not ever to say, think or subscribe in any way to, what one knows to be a lie, must be a law unto itself.

The present times more than ever demand from each of us to develop the strength not to support or entertain any lie, any untruth, any biased or motivated interpretation or alteration of the truth in any domain or form.

Our commitment to this service can have and will have a tremendous effect on our collective atmosphere.


The choice is ours.

Either we let this human earthly life become so regimented, calibrated and formatted that no soul will wish to join it any more, or we wake up to the need and reclaim the grounds for the true adventure of conscious evolution in unity and solidarity with the whole of earth-nature and every atom of the universes. When any of us chooses to be true, to serve the true, it has immediate and far-reaching effects; when each of us does, can we imagine those effects?


Momentous, unlimited is the power of living truth.

But are we ready to change accordingly?



The obstacle

Ego has now become the Spoiler, the Poisoner, the main polluting agent.



The new consciousness

The mind, the mental force is slow and cumbersome compared to the motionless density of pure awareness that is awaiting to take the lead. Free of the principle of duality, its calm, all-knowing formidable vibrancy can fill every vessel prepared to hold it.



Different truths

Facing the approaching silhouette of a cataclysmic disaster, there are inevitably – “naturally” so – very different views on what can still be done, on what must be done. Some of these views would be considered far too extreme if exposed publicly; nevertheless they are being nurtured by individuals who have the means to act upon them, or at least to attempt to do so. One such view is that it has become imperative not only to stop the demographic increase, but to somehow encourage the reduction of the world population; indeed, to force or otherwise compel a rigorous birth control would be insufficient a measure by itself as it would cause the existing population to impose the economic burden of ageing onto a proportionally higher number. So there needs to be some sort of sacrifice, if humanity is to endure as a viable species on a viable planet.

Is there a truth is such a position?

And is not there in each of us the ancient fear and awe before the “higher powers” and their ruthless exactions which no one could escape? Is there not too in each of us that slight twinge of guilt and shame, from the knowledge that we have simply gone too far in the pursuit of our selfish wants? And the sense, therefore, of some deserved retribution?

Another approach being currently pursued with considerable means, is that of developing the capacity to set in lasting motion an entire parallel, alternative intelligent system – referred to as “artificial” as opposed to “natural”.


Its aims would be to extend or reproduce individual existence in this material world, bypassing biological laws, while “correcting” flaws and dispensing from such limitations as hunger, ageing and death. “Artificial Intelligence”, as it is commonly called, is being promoted as the wonder cure and assistance for various kinds of conditions, so that its further development could take place without protest or serious qualms. Just as genetic engineering is – with all its potential and already possible outcomes.

One can hardly fault the thirst or drive towards perfection, considering that our human condition is far from satisfactory and exposes one to numerous indignities.

But whoever seems to be an adept of such approaches also seems to entirely ignore the reality of spirit, the force of infinite consciousness, the source of all that is. How then to integrate such consequential researches within the work of conscious transition?



Vibhutis and empires

There have been times in our collective history when individuals rose to the occasion and incarnated a particular thrust forward, a breaking of the shackles, a conquering of new horizons; they were what is designated in eternal India as “vibhutis”, temporary emanations of the spirit of the times, endowed with specific energy for the task to be accomplished; they were also servants, still untransformed and all too human, yet inhabited and moved by irresistible powers. Such emanations came and fought whenever societies had gone too far either in stagnation and sclerotic conservatism, or in excess of unfairness and greed through arbitrary empires and colonialism. Yet the consequences of these past arrogances are still cleaving our world with festering, unhealed rifts and disfigurements: the harm caused by such small nations so enamored of their own features as to deem them universally preferable, which by dint of their self-anointment could rip off entire continents, is still rippling through the countries of this earth and wreaking misery.



The gaoler Death

In the final analysis, as long as death governs and dictates our motivations and actions, we cannot hope to become free of ignorance.



The Shakti

I happen to have been one of the few thousands who have experienced the concrete reality of a true leader to the future of humankind.

She was here, the Shakti, present and visible and accessible.

To be in Her atmosphere was to be bathed in a sea of conscious Energy.

Day and night, at every instant, one was held in puissant peace, constantly nourished and presented to the Force and Light of conscious progress, of conscious growth and discovery.

There was no inertia whatsoever, no imposition of any sort either.

There was no morality, no judgment, no dogma and no rules, but a great, invincible, continuous, irresistible, piercing demand for truth and sincerity and genuine openness to the Force. There was an immensity of unconditional love, of self-giving, the revelation of a supreme solidarity. There was, whatever the obstacles and contradictions, the unalterable sweetness of a smile that can dissolve all shadows and protect the new birth from all possible ill-will. And right in the centre of this manifestation She was working at the new advent in the very substance of this living material world, in the very existence of the cells of the body, so that this humanity may find the passage to the new race upon this earth. She was accepting to be identified with an ageing body so as to cleave the way for the new world, here itself. She would use simple words, charged with knowing and conscious, ever- moving experience, She would gaze with unflinching surrender at


everything and every being in this and in all the worlds, so as to establish the link, the gold bond to the One. She could guide unerringly in every field of this manifestation, yet would never force or compel. She would give Herself unreservedly to any living soul, wherever one came from; whatever one’s age, one’s place in society, one’s origins, She would cherish the least response from within and accord it all of Her love and support. In Her presence, by Her presence, one would be released from the confines of this three-dimensional existence; one would become aware of the inner life, conscious of spirit and of soul. She would lead one within and across the inner threshold and above the lid of our physicality, She would show one how to light the fire of aspiration.

She would lift the veil of amnesia.

One would recollect one’s true aim, recover one’s purpose in this present birth.

One would recognize Her.

Above every law, She would stand with the Grace, ready to act, down to the least detail. She would encourage and strengthen and illumine every least effort towards perfection and progress, She would help actively combat and deflate all fears, She would comfort and heal and surround everyone She had accepted as Hers with protection, harmony and the will to evolve consciously.

She would gently laugh at the burdens of our pettiness and stand unmoveable, perfectly still, in the midst of all upheavals.

She was the Shakti, here to serve the Supreme’s unfolding.


She has not left.

She the Mother and Sri Aurobindo are working – ceaselessly.

But the memory of Her material bodily presence here in this very world is to be cherished and treasured as a token and a promise of the state of being that is to incarnate upon earth, as more souls learn to serve the transition from our present humanity to a denser, more conscious and wholesome being, whose operational principle will no longer be the mind, but a vaster, more complex and profound unitary law of physical existence. Since that period of time and the blessedness of having been welcomed, recognized and held in by Her, some realizations have grown on and on, throughout all of the vicissitudes, persisting mediocrity and unexpected illuminations; they have become as if more self-evident.

I know, since then, with absolute certainty, that it is possible to exist materially without the ego – without ego.

This principle of separate accretion is no longer indispensable and, in proportion to the growth of consciousness in the individual, has become an obstacle, a construct that needs to be dissolved. I know, clearly, beyond any doubts or questions, that it is possible to live in progressive plenitude here itself, in Matter, in a growing continuum of awareness amongst all beings and elements of this manifest world.



Auroville and the world: the site of the experiment

The Mother had initiated and founded an attempt at condensed, accelerated collective evolution. It was in 1968.


Yet She warned:

“Auroville will be what it must be only if and when the people living there will stop lying.”

This was not to imply that those already present were ordinary “liars”; rather, it was pointing at the indispensable individual choice and commitment to desist from any form or sort of alteration, dissimulation, deception, embellishment, presentation or betrayal of the factual truth, be it external or internal, physical or psychological. For, without this living and continuous commitment, the physical consciousness could not become clarified and receptive enough to the workings of the Force, nor could it hope to develop the capacity to hold and retain any flow of the true Consciousness. And, without this living and continuous commitment on each participant’s part, it would be much more difficult and tedious as a collective to reach and build an atmosphere of transparent trust, sharing and solidarity in the adventure.


Thus far, as a collective, we have not done too well on that score, in the sense that we have not got the engine running and generating the wanted dynamics of conscious progress. Perhaps Her warning was, as time went, deemed irrelevant or simplistic, or too obvious to be heeded with the care and self-giving actually required.

As a result, there obtains a sort of stagnation that tends to reproduce endlessly the same patterns of collective conundrums.


But Auroville was planted by Her as a generic seed and its growth and spread are not limited to its initial location.

The creative force of the service of truth is terrestrial.


52 years onward, Auroville has not succumbed.

Assailed and compromised from without and from within through uncounted crisis, its spirit does grow, unpredictably so, despite appearances and condemns, treasons and abandonments and mistakes: its flame burns on, and so does the gratitude in the hearts of all those who care.


She had once defined Auroville as “the city at the service of Truth”.


Auroville today certainly does not have, nor can it ever claim to have, exclusive rights to this status…!

We are one, all of us, and it is clear that a single tiny spot alone, anywhere, cannot attain to that degree of realization, when our entire world is threatened. The crucial commitment must be made everywhere, increasingly so – this must be the contagion: the true contagion.


(Divakar, September 8, 2020, Auroville.)

Aum Namo Bhagavate Srimiraaravindaye Namo Namah


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