Rout or passage

Rout or passage

(Terrestrial rout or crossing and passage)



Here it is – a case of recidivism.

What for, one may ask?

Whom does it concern or touch, in which way can it be of use?

The fiercest critics are within murmuring range: “you can very well afford the luxury of believing yourself to act as a carrier or a channel, do as you please, it changes nothing at all whatever you say…”; or, “you are indeed pretentious, don’t you think? Don’t you see that far superior workers express all of this so much better than you do…?!”

Some of the arts do seem to be more effective transmitters of those messages that matter – so does the film by Yann Arthus- Bertrand, “Human”: is it not the offering by excellence, giving homage to and honoring this material world in which we incarnate?

In our midst, today, how many “youth” are alive?: billions of hearts, hopes, expectations, efforts and drives and fears that all vibrate in spite of the environing degradation, billions who all search for the clue, the spring, the move or gesture, the example – each of them turned towards some model, some figure performing under the spot lights like a relay or a promise or a comforting assurance that a breakthrough is possible and one can


be recognized and fin d one’s place in this world at once so familiar and so strange…

Yes, this world where seem to reign menace and hostility, hatred and falsehood, injustice and hunger, this world yet adorable and pregnant with promise, to which we time and again return in our quest for the wholesome answer, the why of these multitudes, the true birth to a love which will betray no more, this impossible world which rushes to the gulfs with all sounds and lights on, the beggar and the executive together strapped to the same speed, this world, how to embark upon it if one is to live one’s life in its reality?

It is quite clear that everything, in our societies, needs to change – and it is not a matter of improvement or amelioration, but a matter of transition.

These latest episodes shared this year 2020 from country to country and a continent to another, have enacted at once the preambles to the most sinister developments and the intensification of other possibles, other unfoldings of a participative becoming wherein consciousness gathers its children.

In each one of our bodies, the conscious complexity of the universe incarnates: we all are at school, apprentices of the One.

There is something to “pass on”, from hand to hand , gaze to gaze and heart to heart, something that softly, quietly laughs at all the


reductive prophets as at all those who have prospered on the ashes and debris of yesteryear and scorned the very cradle that had welcomed them. There is something to be passed on, a secret, a treasure that occupies no space and that every innocence recognizes, a nugget of magic force that can transform all if one is willing to rely on what guides it. They say, all these priests inebriated with power, that their solutions are ready, but their solutions are borrowed from the truth that is at work: their nano particles and their multiplied intelligence and their perfected transportation are but a gross incomprehension of the very Possibility of our becoming and the world they are proposing to install is but a joyless shell for a false eternity. Those words and those lines that follow are charged: a single line could well be explained by a whole chapter, but this is not necessary when one takes the time to enter. If in you some clarity, an emotion, a call do ensue, pass them on: do not be merely skeptical!



The seed of the disaster

As of today, the world-population is estimated at 7.8 billions and is expected to reach 8 billions in 2023 – three years from now.


Those who have the means to act at their disposal and whose action influences the entire terrestrial world, are but an infinitesimal minority.

And yet we are all – humans, animal and plants – carried along.

Are we then impuissant?


Where is, where does the first vice or defect lie, the first deformation, the first tumor in the body of our species?

Can the child who stands erect still see, across the ignorant din of motionless time – the time of all ages fused by the clarity of its gaze, can it still see the root of this devouring growth?



Where did the first carrier sign or gesture occur?

What was its intention?


There is of course, since man exists upon this Earth, the crooked deceit, the cunning and ruse and covetous greed – thus has rectitude always been measured, thus has dignity always commanded respect, thus has honor somehow and somewhere always been preserved, for the very survival of the group.

Then when one had to scrap and skirmish and tussle and war and learn to crush, vanquish, beat and dominate as a means to defend the tribe and settle, stratagems became legitimate: treachery, dissembling, the use of lure and decoy had to, parallel to bravery and heroism, be cultivated.

In order to gain exclusive control of riches and resources, one had to willy-nilly complement audacity with calculation, intrepidity with craftiness and adventurousness with evaluation.



And then were built up the sovereign states – and the practice of lie and deceit could become institutional, to safeguard the interests of the nation.

Espionage and military, armament and diplomacy – always the two arms of man pretend to ignore one another, for the moral comfort of those they serve.

The more powerful a nation grew, the more concerned with its position in the world-order it became and the more its ambitions must secure its advantages over the others – such advantages being made more precious by being kept secret.

But the social system made of the limitations, laws and regulations indispensable to the collective cohesion was, until recently, reining, restraining or hampering the rise and flight of actually separate wills, independent from the mass; it was only with the advent of the world financial market that the possibility of acting with impunity and pursuing definite aims outside of any sort of collective control could be seized – at varying scales and with diverse motives. Until then, only the governments of the main world powers could afford to, parallel to their visible armies, secretly finance and provide frameworks for the research and application of such methods, tools and technologies that could secure them, if not invincibility, at least a capacity of retaliation and a force of persuasion sufficiently impressive in case of a major conflict; and often enough the elected members of these governments would remain relatively ignorant of the scope of these ventures of which


the managers would remain obscured in the shadows of hierarchies.


There and then, simultaneous with the great upsurge of our civilisation, the cynical and utilitarian exploitative urge spruced and groomed itself into an admirable virtue: exploiting terrestrial nature, exploiting the secrets of Matter, exploiting all social issues, exploiting people, became a proof of excellence – for the larger common good.



This choice

We can say, if time is still granted to us, that it is for each of us to individually choose between the ability to survive and the capacity to become.

These are, somehow, the two routes that offer themselves to us all today.

The first is the one of the separate individuals’ existence, separate from one another and from the universe and searching for the means to ceaselessly ameliorate, improve, perfect and establish their condition in some permanence.

The second is that of the living and progressive union of each true individuality with the new consciousness that is ready to incarnate and take charge of earthly evolution.


Let us beware of elites and of their exclusivisms.

Every elite carries its own malediction.



Evidently, the efforts required as one or the other path is elected are of different nature and quality. For the first one proceeds from the visible and sensible surface of the world and its animate and inanimate parts and beings and seeks to understand their workings and to establish with them all the best possible and profitable relations, while the second begins with an awareness of the immanent inner presence and works at making the whole outer being conscious of it, so it can be illumined and transformed by it.


Evolution upon earth has entered a precipitous mode; it is not merely a matter of rapidity, but also of simultaneity: all the questions confront us at once and the consequences of all our actions are arising at the same time, in the same space and for all of us together.


Everyone can verify that each individual choice inevitably and naturally draws material and psychological effects or consequences.

There and thus it is that one can begin to measure and acknowledge the illusion of separation.

For it is in fact impossible to make the least motion without causing, influencing, altering or contributing to an array of factors


constituting the material reality which we together inhabit at each moment. One could well believe that this is all but an almost infinitely complex sort of mechanical set of laws which it is not our concern to render intelligible: we just need to learn to navigate its net, as we need to learn to swim or walk, to move corporeally within the material milieu.

However, as our choices acquire more importance on our individual and collective journey, it becomes possible to assess the particular character and orientation of their consequences.

And the matter of responsibility begins to weigh.


It is relatively easy to observe a difference in quality, in significance and in influence as our choices are guided, motivated or elicited by one of the paths or by the other. For indeed the choices we make or are brought or led to make appear to generate, engender or activate a particular logic or coherence in the circumstances, over which we hold no control whatsoever, but which can teach and instruct us – and it is thus that we habitually experience the molding that “life” effectuates on our individual nature.



Today humanity is parting.

There is the path of growth through tools and the development of instruments in order and with the intention to perfect our condition and augment our mastery. There is the path of becoming, through the awakening of our awareness and the finding of the unity of all that is – the goal being precisely our self offering to a state of progressive and integral union and harmony, self-manifesting through its power of existence.


So long as one is anchored and fastened by the ego, this “I” more or less successfully assembled, one will not be able to bear the lifting of the veil: one goes mad, an isolated organism at the mercy of a pitiless world, or one disaggregates.

And yet Unity is a Fact.

But if and when one learns to rely on the One consciousness that inhabits and animates all that is, one then gradually and progressively discovers a continuum in constant becoming, to which each one is called to participate in a conscious evolution.



To find the passage, or to begin all over again

To affirm and to serve the path of progress and the discovery of the One – or to accept the ineluctability of misery and death? To learn and unite, in the very perception and experience of the body itself, with the One who loves and who sees – or to reason and submit to the inevitable and, in the meantime, to do the best one can? To learn and lay one by on e into the fire of the Vast all of one’s personal needs, whatever they may be, to make room for one’s re melting into a free servitor – or to retain and hold what one can as long as one can on the uncontrollable flux of phenomena?


This aged toothless man, is that what you see?

This dented skeleton in a bag of loosened wilted skin?

Then let me apologize for imposing this sight on you.


The dominant, prevailing feeling in corporeal existence is that of security.


One’s body is one’s home, one’s inviolable refuge, one’s place of rest and renewal. Nonetheless life’ vicissitudes do explicitly demonstrate how this very security can be threatened, compromised or destroyed in a single moment and with no warning. It is from this aleatory element that all those, enamored with power, who have known how to accumulate apparent riches and more and more external means, seek to, if not altogether vanquish and eliminate, at least guard against, prevent or deflect.


In the historical past of human societies, rare indeed were those who could realize all of their wishes and desires: even a monarch might have some hesitation in placing its own fancies before the needs of its people – although, in certain cultures, a degree of ostentation and glamour is expected of a deified person. It was mostly in the shadow cast by those in power that fortunes could be amassed, but the risk remained of being eventually found out and ruined by some popular rising.


And so it was while seeking to identify the weaknesses (the irrational wants) of the vast majority so as to invisibly mine and exploit them that a new sort of profiteers developed till there arose a predatory species affranchised from all common moral


and ethical constraint, along with its financial power independent from the nations.


The greatest, most widely shared and most persistent weakness is the fear of death. There is of course another fear that sometimes surpasses the fear of death, it is the fear of pain.



This necessity

As a species, we can clearly see it now, we must all learn the lesson of equilibrium and respect.

Lest we all perish together and ruin this entire evolutionary attempt, we must realize today itself the imperative necessity of actually respecting the equilibrium of a progressive and inclusive harmony: the harmony of Earth and its milieu.


Our overpopulation and the destruction for which we are all responsible with our blinded practices, must be mastered: it is not the outer world that must be mastered, it is us.

If we fail to discipline ourselves, if we fail in this awakening and commitment, we legitimize the actions of those who think they have the means of remedying to a terrestrial situation become untenable.

We are indeed all responsible.

And this message ought to be broadcast in every language and every country of this world.



What the new consciousness teaches first is that everything is of equal import. Everything is equally important – the most innocuous gesture and the largest venture.

Each and every instant is to be treated equally: each instant matters equally.


All our values are obsolete.


Our civilization, our cultures are founded upon duality and drama and feed from them. But one is not usually aware of it, so dependent on it is the very substance of our life experience. Yet this is the first collapse or the first dissolution that takes place as soon as the inner union establishes itself: a formidable formation of drama is undone … Gods and demons, our loves and our wars: the bubble bursts.

Remains the smile, of the one who does love and does see: whose love is infinite, whose gaze is new at every moment.



There is presently, in the collective awareness of humanity, like a first cleansing of the sight: the beginning of a transparency as all our absurdities and all our lies are revealed to all. Whatever may be the lesser forces involved and at play, whichever may be their intents and motives, all contributes to this shared realization. The worst as the best, without knowing or even conceiving of it, do collaborate to the awakening of all.


Indeed all the intents previously veiled are now making themselves explicit as time presses on and certain kinds of revolt might well jeopardize the execution of well-crafted programs and plans. And revolts there are, of various sorts: there are muffled ones, hiding boils of rancor and drawing from the violence of the contrary, there are arrogant ones boasting of their virtue and indignation; but there are too the revolts that are no longer either personal or social and ask for self-giving, opening, commitment and a call: let Truth reign…!

These latter ones are beginning already to act and move, like living embers in the hearts, silent alignments in the beings, gazes being born at last.



As soon as one is freed from the habitual jungly brush and somewhat rid of encumbrances, one becomes capable of recognizing the other. Without projection, or expectation, or fear, one recognizes the person who is there. It is like a small porthole suddenly opening away from space- time, into this dimension of eternity which is not what one thinks with our intelligence, but far simpler and wholly self-evident. So, let each one hurry up and offer all of our junk and muddle into this joyful flame, so as to find all of the others within oneself, so that the urge may spread, so that clarity may expand, so that awakening may catch… Let each and everyone be harnessed to this necessary task, this necessary act of service: the true communication, direct and whole, of That which alone can heal this world and guide it towards plenitude.


Gagged humanity?

What is this servility within us that induced this fearful inert acceptance?

It is there too that we do part: those whose nature aspires – to progress, to true existence -, and those whose nature dreads death and clings to whatever is granted or apportioned to it.


But does not this parting contradict the very aspiration towards unity, does it not bar the way to the realization of the One?

Is not the act or movement of choice itself also an act and movement of exclusion?

Not so.

Let everyone go by their inclination until their state of separateness becomes ashes, bitterness and hollow glory and they too remember and turn to their One source.

It is part of oneself that demands the right to explore this separateness till it is confronted with its own creations.

But what matters now is the balance and proportion: for this miraculously beautiful world to not only endure but find its true wholeness and its true increase, enough living conscious beings must stand and step forward into the next stage of evolution by conscious means and conversions.


How to become aware, how to serve now, how to disengage from this mesh of human habits and the glue of collective hypnosis? The urgency of a silent uprising would seem to preclude the practice of any intensive individual sadhana: is there a recipe, a code, a basic process one can turn to, anywhere, in any context?


Perhaps the simplest is this: Take a breath and remember – where do we all come from, what animates and sustains and energizes all of this, where are we meant to go and become (for it all to make sense)?

Do this as often as you can and you will soon find that every decision and every choice of yours will change and evolve.

This is the Adventure before us all.


Divakar – (Auroville, October 31 st , 2020)




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