My experience of Satprem

Why this text.

The following text has come to me on the occasion of the creation of this site.

With a concern for preservation, I wished to share the few letters from Satprem which I had kept for all these past years. At first I wanted to situate these letters in their context; then I realized that, even though I had had only a very limited and occasional relationship with Satprem from an external point of view, it was quite different inwardly and in terms of the Auroville experience. It then seemed to me, as I began to write, that I could attempt in this way to bear witness and perhaps to contribute to a better comprehension. For I have observed and found, in many instances, how frequent it is that, out of opportunism, or of a concern for the safeguarding of collective harmony, or of a need to establish a particular orientation, certain facts and certain data are displaced, edited, relegated or, on the contrary, emphasized and put forward, whether in the official account or in the popular historical. And just as one finds how extremely subjective is our human nature when recording the respective observations made by different witnesses of the same scene, one will also find large discrepancies in the evaluation made by persons who participated in the same events and experienced the same defining period in the history of the group. In this regard, I believe it is preferable, rather than keeping silent, to individually contribute to the effort of testimony, with as much integrity and honesty as one can muster.



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